Remembering Tom Duke

Tom Duke Meseret For Women

It has been five years since we bid farewell to Tom Duke, one of the founders of Meseret for Women along with his wife, Rachel, and Weinab. We are reminded of the immense kindness and warm nature that defined his existence. Tom was not only a loving father, husband, and friend but also a strong supporter within his local community and beyond.

Meseret for Women stands as a testament to Tom’s vision and unwavering determination. He firmly believed in the power of empowering women, providing them with opportunities for education, employment, and a brighter future.

Thanks to Tom’s indomitable spirit, Meseret for Women now indirectly supports over 200 individuals each year. The charity has become a lifeline for countless women, offering them the means to break free from the cycle of poverty and injustice. The impact of Tom’s dedication and hard work is immeasurable, as lives have been transformed through his efforts.

Tom Duke, we are eternally grateful for your kindness, your warm nature, and the incredible impact you have made through Meseret for Women. Rest in peace, dear friend, knowing that the world is a better place because of you.

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