How We Make A Difference

Focused On Building Better Lives.

Since our establishment, Meseret for Women has made significant accomplishments. We have supported 54 women and 63 children through our rehabilitation programs, helping them recover from trauma and build better lives.

We have facilitated employment for 35 women while reuniting 7 girls with their families. Additionally, our Meseret Day Care has benefited 26 children, enabling their mothers to engage in meaningful employment.

Those We've helped

Inspiring stories of how Meseret has helped Ethiopian mothers transform their lives.

Yirgalem and Yeabsira: Yirgalem suffered emotional abuse at the hands of her family who kicked her out of the house for becoming pregnant by someone they did not approve of. She was forced to beg on the street with her son Yeabsira who was only 1 year old at the time. She came to the Meseret House, and during her six months stay received training in life skills, entrepreneurship and basic business skills. Yirgalem also benefited from Meseret for Women’s cooperative scheme, which provides basic financial services to help women start saving, and in some cases borrowing small amounts to help them start their own businesses.

Yirgalem is currently employed in a government-owned cleaning service, and also works as a secretary to a credit association. Yirgalem has become one of Meseret for Women’s strongest ambassadors in her community, helping to spread the word and empower others to pursue their own destiny and choices.

She epitomises the role as leader and role model for other women in similar circumstances. Yeabsira, her son, continues to use the Meseret Day Care allowing Yirgalem to continue to work and earn  money, in the confidence that her son will be fed and cared for in a safe and loving space.

Meheret and Amen

Meheret is the mother of baby Amen. She came to our organisation because she had a baby out of wedlock and had no place to go. Before the baby she used to work as a maid, but when they found out she was pregnant she lost her job. As the father was not interested in raising a child or being married, he left her to fend for herself. She gave birth in a government hospital.

When she told the hospital she had nowhere else to go, it was the hospital that contacted Meseret for Women, and we brought her to the Meseret House. A month into her stay with us, Meheret underwent a life-threatening operation and had to be hospitalised for about 40 days.

Meseret for Women covered her entire medical expenses and without us, the doctors say she would have died. We encourage the women at Meseret for Women to support each other and the other women in our house were kind enough to take care of her daughter while she was hospitalised.

After she got better, she attended the training courses that Meseret for Women offers. She is now in full health and has finished her stay with us, rented a room and is working and managing her life very well. Her baby is also using the Day Care while she goes to work. 

Meseret Abate

Meseret has 3 sons and one daughter. She used to work but when her husband abandoned her, she was unable to work, take care of her children or pay the rent. Since he left, she has been living off the charity of family and friends, but as the cost of living in Addis Ababa has risen the people who have helped her in the past have no longer wanted to.

As a result, when she went to the local government and asked for support, the authorities sent her to Meseret House. Thanks to our support Meseret is now working, her two young children are in our Day Care and the elder two children are happy in school.


How Can You Make An Impact

Become a volunteer

By getting involved you can first hand make a real difference. we welcome everybody who is willing to stand up and make a change for these vulnerable mothers.

Donate to support

With limited resources and support, these women face immense challenges in providing for their children. By donating to our charity, you have the power to provide them with hope, opportunities, and the means to break free from poverty.

Become a partner

Your generous involvement with our charity can give these courageous women the necessary resources and opportunities to create a better future for themselves and their children.


Words that matter most. Here are a handful of those who’ve helped.

"Meseret for Women is making a real difference in the lives of many mums and their children, who would otherwise face the prospect of life on the streets in Ethiopia."
Peter & Bridget.
"We know there is a better tomorrow for people because of your family's work..cherishing a spirit of the women who not only benefit but empower others to be resilient and feel the strength of belonging."
"What wonderful work this charity does for women and their children in helping them live life to the fullest."
Maureen Coppin.
"It is such very worthwhile work & I applaud you for all your efforts. I hope support comes pouring in to fund your ongoing & continuous project.
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