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Supporting single mothers in Ethiopia to strive for a better future for themselves and their children through the provision of training and child care facilities.

Help Meseret for Women provide the building blocks for these mothers and their children.

Who We Are

Meseret For Women was set up to help single mothers in Ethiopia

So often, through no choice of their own, women fall pregnant in Ethiopia.

What people perhaps don’t understand fully is the difference between being a single mother here to a single mother over there. They understand only what is taken away from them, not what is given to them. They understand the rejection they will receive from their families, not only because of the shame that they have put upon them, but because it is one more mouth they cannot afford to feed. They understand that this will lead them to being homeless. They understand how difficult it will be to find work as a single mother. They understand that their hopes and dreams as they were are now gone. They understand that without family, shelter, work or money, life for them and their baby will be very hard.

Understanding all this, how is any young mother supposed to see hope or explore the feelings of love for her child, when all she can see is the bleak, hopeless path that lies in front of her.

Meseret for Women provides a platform, a foundation, a ‘starter kit to life’ as a single mother. It gives them time, breathing space and the opportunity to bond with, and to love, their child. It provides them with life skill and working skills that will support them and their baby for the future. This in turn allows them to envision a life not just alone, but as a little family to fight for. It gives them hope.