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Case Study 1

Yirgalem and Yeabsira

Yirgalem got pregnant outside of marriage and her family was not willing to accept her. She had no one to help her raise her son Yeabsira, as Yeabsira’s father refused to help. Like so many other single mothers in Ethiopia, she had to resort to begging on the street with her son. She came to Meseret in November 2017, and during her six months stay with us received training in life skills, entrepreneurship, basic business skills. Yirgalem also benefits from MfW’s cooperative scheme, which provides basic financial services to help women start saving, and in some cases borrowing small amounts to help them start their own businesses. Yirgalem is currently employed in a government-owned cleaning service, and also works as a secretary to for a credit association. Importantly, Yirgalem has become one of MfW’s strongest ambassadors in her community, helping to spread the word and empower others to pursue their own destiny and choices. She epitomises the role as leader and role model for other women in similar circumstances. Thanks to your generous support in helping us create Selam day care, Yirgalem can continue to work in the confidence that her son will be fed and cared for during the day.

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