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We help single mothers and their babies stay together and thrive in Addis Ababa

Just £20 will help Meseret for Women provide a mother and her child with food and milk for a week. 

Our Work

Meseret For Women was set up to help single mothers in Ethiopia

We help single mothers and their babies stay together and thrive in Addis Ababa

Meseret for Women runs Meseret House, a sanctuary in Addis Ababa which rehabilitates and provides a loving, nourishing space for vulnerable single mothers, to recover from the trauma of abandonment, sexual assault and birth, bond with their baby, learn, develop skills and build a future for themselves. We offer practical skills training such as basket weaving and education, and support women to find meaningful and reliable employment. Alongside skills and capabilities training and support, Meseret for Women also provides a safe space for vulnerable women to raise their new baby for 6 months. 

Rehabilitation: Eight women in the most desperate of situations are referred to us every six months by the Ethiopian Government. Initially Meseret House allows these women and their babies time to recover and to bond after birth, which can often be a traumatic experience for both. Once they are settled we work with each woman to create a unique plan to allow them to support themselves and their babies. This might include life skill training, skills training and finding employment. We work intensively with each mother to create a personal development plan unique to them, that harnesses their natural skills and enables them to build resilience to help them live a life free of abuse or violence and with choice and control of their future.  

After their 6 months stay women are provided with seed money to pay to rent a room for two months. Women join an established saving and credit cooperative and have a share bought for them in this cooperative. Saving with the cooperative allows them to borrow, at low-interest rates, when in need or for further investment in their own small businesses.  

Childcare assistance: After 3 years of delivering focused rehabilitation support, we found that employers would be less likely to hire a woman if they had to bring their child to work. To respond to this, we opened the Meseret Day Care in December 2019, which offers childcare for under 4’s, to a broader set of mothers that live outside of Meseret House. Providing safe and accessible childcare means women  can earn a living, build skills and develop friendships and connections.